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Brand: ONAIR Model: FMAMP30-FH
It is designed to use in FM transmitters. Output power can be adjusted via 0-12Vdc control voltage. It is used inside 30W FM exciters and also inside compact transmitters and amplifiers. The RF power transistor BLF245 is drived by 2N4427.A low pass filter with on board directional coupler ..
4 Way Power Combiner, 2 KW, UHF
20 Days
Brand: ONAIR Model: UHF-OUT2K-41
This Wilkinson power combiner is designed for the UHF band.Technical Features 470-700 MHz Input Impedance: 50 Ohm Output Impedance: 50 Ohm Pout (max): 2 kW..
Brand: ONAIR Model: BPF2-600
Features: Mechanical characteristics: ConnectorsN Female or DIN 7/16 Overall dimensions [WxDxH] [mm.] 150x305x850max. Weight [kg.] 12 Temperature range [°C] -10 ÷ +50 Electrical characteristics: Frequency range [MHz] 87,5 ÷ 108 Maximum inpu..
8 KW FM Low Pass Filter with Onboard Directional Coupler
Brand: ONAIR Model: FF8K
This low pass filter with power handling up to 8 kW is designed for the FM band.Chebyshev Low Pass Filter...
CFM2-2K+10K/3-DP158- 2+10KW Constant Impedance FM Combiner (Triple Filter)
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Brand: ONAIR Model: CFM2-2K+10K/3-DP158
2+10KW FM Constant Impedance Combiner (Triple Filter)FeaturesMechanical characteristicsInput narrowband EIA 7/8" or DIN 7/16Input broadband EIA 1 5/8"Output EIA 1 5/8"Overall dimensions [WxDxH] [mm.] 611x460x1020Weight [kg.] 80Temperature range [° C] -10 ÷ +50Electrical characteristicsFrequency rang..
Brand: ONAIR Model: DDS-14
It is a Digital FM Modulator (DDS) which used inside ONAIR brand FM transmitters.DDS-14 lets you to carry some interfaces throughout the board:·         RS485, UART, RS232·         4 GPIO In-Device to Out-devi..
Brand: ONAIR Model: SD-12
FM AUDIO AND DATA RECEIVER SD-12 is a wireless audio and data receiver running on the 76-108 MHz band. It receives the signals from FM transmitters and demodulates to get the audio and data. It is set to 7 different frequencies and this frequency selected by dip switches. It can be used as an audio..
Brand: ONAIR Model: FTC100
FTC100 FM compact transmitter is manufactured with state-of-the-art and highly efficient LDMOS transistors which reduce the operating, cooling and maintenance costs and have a longer life span.Direct to channel (DDS) modulator delivers superb signal quality and crystal clear sound with unrivale..
Brand: ONAIR Model: FPS 1500
This very heavy duty 50 MHz Low Pass Filter was constructed by using a pair of 50 pF, 15 kVDC ceramic doorknob capacitors, and three air wound self-supporting coils.  The center coil ( L2 ) is 6 turns,  2.5" long, using #6 AWG copper wire wound on a 7/8" diameter form.  Input and..
Brand: ONAIR Model: IPAR-18
IPAR-18 is a standalone IP audio receiver. Exports audio directly to the IP address or audio from remote audio servers (Shoutcast, Icecast, etc.) from the 3.5mm stereo port.It comes with a built-in Icecast-compatible ausio server and it can resolve the audio sent from any Icecast-*compatible ..
Satellite Receiver (IRD)
20 Days
DVB-S Proffessional Satellite Receiver..
Brand: ONAIR Model: UPS-3K-1P1P
UPS - 3KVA/2700W - 1/1 PhaseGeneral SpecificationsHigh frequency on-line double conversion technologyActive power factor correction (APFC), input power factor up to 0.99Output power factor 0.9Wide input voltage range (110 V ~ 300 Vac) and frequency range (40 ~ 70 Hz)50/60Hz frequency conversionCold ..
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