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Brand: ONAIR Model: UHF-OUT1K-21
This Wilkinson power combiner is designed for the UHF band.Technical Features Frequency: 470-700 MHz Input Impedance: 50 Ohm Output Impedance: 50 Ohm Pout (max): 1 kW..
Brand: ONAIR Model: FMAMP20-FHB
It is designed to use in FM transmitters and amplifiers. RF power transistor is BLF571 very rugged LDMOS.A low pass filter with on board directional coupler connected to the pallet amplifier on an heatsink. There is DC outputs to measure forward and reflected powers and monitor to measure RF output...
Brand: ONAIR Model: CFM2-300
Features: Mechanical characteristics: Input connectorsN Output connectorN Overall dimensions [WxDxH] [mm]246x301x773Weight [kg.] 14Temperature range [° C] -10 ÷ +50 Electrical characteristics: Frequency range [MHz] 87.5 ÷ 108 Insertion loss by channe..
Brand: ONAIR Model: FMAMP05
It is designed to use in FM transmitters and amplifiers as driver. RF power transistor is BLP10H605 very rugged LDMOS.An onboard low pass filter on the PCB ensures less harmonics at the output. It can be mount directly on an heatsink putting some termal compound under the transistor.NOTE:&..
Brand: ONAIR Model: BPF2-300-R
Rack type 300W FM Double Cavity FilterSpecificationsMechanical propertiesConnectors N Overall Dimensions [mm.] 482.6x800x132.5Weight [kg.] 7Temperature range [° c] -10 ÷ 50 Electrical propertiesFrequency range [MHz]: 87.5 ÷ 108 Maximum input power [W]: 300 Insertion Loss [dB] @ F..
CFM2-2K+10K-DP-2+10KW FM Constant Impedance Combiner (Double Cavity)
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Brand: ONAIR Model: CFM2-2K+10K-DP
2+4KW Constant Impedance FM Combiner (Double Cavity)FeaturesMechanical characteristicsInput narrowband EIA 7/8" or DIN 7/16Input broadband EIA 1 5/8"Output EIA 1 5/8"Overall dimensions [WxDxH] [mm.] 406x460x1020Weight [kg.] 55Temperature range [° C] -10 ÷ +50Electrical characteristicsFrequency range..
Digital Radiolink (10GHz, 1W, Left/Right Audio In/Out)
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Brand: ONAIR Model: DVL10/1/LR
Digital Studio Transmitter Link for TV Broadcasting The complete solution for 10 GHz band Studio TV Transmitter Link working at long distances. Composed of: Encoder, Decoder, Antennas, Cables and connectors . There are 2 Audio Inputs/outputs Operating Frequency from 10300 to 10900 MHz Accepts..
Brand: ONAIR Model: FTC50-D
FTC50-D compact transmitter is manufactured with state-of-the-art and highly efficient MOSFET transistors which reduce the operating, cooling and maintenance costs. It is equipped with analog audio, AES/EBU, MPX, I2S inputs. All of them are processed in FPGA and converted to digital signal..
Brand: ONAIR Model: RPI-ST
RPI-ST is the remote control board of ONAIR brand studio devices. It has SD card which has configured software inside according to the device model and Raspberry PI serial number. So, It is used only in this model.When you place the order please send us the model (like IPAR-18, DELAY21, REC-18) or f..
Brand: ONAIR Model: TMC21
It is a Digital FM Modulator and control board which used inside ONAIR brand FM transmitters. It has Left&Right XLR analog audio inputs, XLR AES/EBU digital audio input, built-in RDS encoder, DB9 I/O connector for coaxial switch, on board Raspberry PI connection connector, 2xCVS18 current a..
Brand: ONAIR Model: CFM2-300-3
2x300 W Triple Cavity Band Pass Filter Star CombinerFeaturesMechanical characteristicsInput connectors NOutput connector NOverall dimensions [WxDxH] [mm.] 246x425x813Weight [kg.] 21Temperature range [° C] -10 ÷ 50Electrical characteristicsFrequency range [MHz] 87.5 ÷ 108Insertion loss by channe..
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