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Telephone Hybrid

Brand: ONAIR Model: HYB-01
HYB-01 is a hybrid of High Quality designed to solve all problems to interface the telephone lines with all On Air console. It allows you to connect one phone line with audio transmission quality. This product offers long-term reliability and price / excellent performance.   Telephone Hybr..
Telephone Hybrid (2 Channels) Telephone Hybrid (2 Channels)
20 Days
Brand: ONAIR Model: HYB-02
HYB-02 is the new telephone hybrid model that can meet all the latest requirements for the advanced management of communications via telephone lines. It is designed in a 19 “rack, 1 unit; and it contains two internal 2 telephone hybrids. different units of ITB302 can be interconnected to allow for e..
FIXED GSM TERMINAL FOR THE STUDIO TELEPHONE HYBRID • Developed to make the GSM calls with listeners using fixed telephone lines. • It can be connected to the telephone hybrids to receive the GSM calls to the studio mixer. • It can be connected directly to the fixed-line input of a studio mixer. • O..
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