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Brand: ONAIR Model: P1
Antenna - P1 - Click on "Available Options" on the right to see the prices. Aluminum, Gain 2.15 dBd, Broadband. The P1 Vertical Dipole antenna series is designed for FM Broadcast Band (87,5 - 108 MHz). Each antenna is composed of one balun feed vertical dipole, two rigid feed lines, and a mount..
Brand: ONAIR Model: P1R
Antenna - P1R - FM Dipole Antenna with reflection panel6dB gain.7/16 input connector.Max.1500W..
Brand: ONAIR Model: P2R
Antenna - P2R - 2 Dipoles Directional Panel Antenna Vertical Polarization 6dB Gain..
Brand: ONAIR Model: P3
Antenna - P3 - Stainless steel, Gain:5.2 dBd, Broadband..
Brand: ONAIR Model: C1
Antenna - C1 - -FM top or sidemount dipole -Circular/elliptical polarization. -Broadband 87.5 ÷ 108 MHz..
Brand: ONAIR Model: LOG FM/FP
Antenna - LOG FM/FP - It is designed for low power transmissions in FM Broadcast Band (87,5 –108 MHz) This antenna is made with non-corrosive aluminum alloy and composed of four elements and a mounting bracket. Good performances at effective cost are the main feature of this antenna. Suitable for channel or broadband ope..
Brand: ONAIR Model: F53
Antenna - F53 - It is designed for professional FM receiving antenna and low power transmissions in FM Broadcast Band (87,5 –108 MHz).  ° Effective cost. A good performance at an effective cost is the main feature of this antenna. ° Broadband. Suitable for channel or broadband operations. ° Instant installatio..
Antenna - UHF PANEL (4 DIPOLE) - Technical FeaturesMax.Input Power N Connector: 500 W 7/16 Connector: 1.2 kW 7/8 Connector: 2 KW Installation equipment and stainless steel accessories are supplied -..
Brand: ONAIR Model:
Antenna - - VHF Directional Antenna. 8 dB Gain. 7/16 connector. Vertical Polaraiztion. Stainless Steel.Technical Features• Propagation with preferred direction. • Mounting to pipes • Vertical Polarization • 8 dB Gain..
Brand: FUNKE Model: ODSC100
Antenna - ODSC100 - The Funke ODSC100 is specially developed for the best outdoor reception of digital terrestrial television signals. It is compact and easy to install the antenna. Thanks to its integrated LTE INERT Technology, filters, and shielded connectors and cables, the ODSC100 protects your TV signal from outsi..
Brand: FUNKE Model: DSC310
Antenna - DSC310 - The Funke DSC310 is a very compact digital outdoor TV antenna. With its small size and stylish look, it is appropriate for every location. This complete plug & play solution is a trendy substitute for traditional rooftop antennas. It is maintenance-free and it guarantees perfect perfor..
Brand: MARGON Model: Combo 5.1+
Radiolink - Combo 5.1+ - Margon Combo: an antenna with a distinctive range, trendy design and handy accessories, which can also be used indoors. The Margon Combo 5.1 is designed and tested in Europe and therefore offers you particularly reliable quality. The antenna is weather, wind and waterproof and comes with various acc..
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