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Brand: ONAIR Model: 7/8-GK
Grounding Kit For 7/8" RF Cable..
Brand: ONAIR Model: 1339-158-6-2
The Patch Panels are built with the best materials used for broadcast devices, in particular the body of the links are manufactured in light alloys and brass, and the contacts are fingers in beryllium copper, these contacts realize a low insertion loss and, at the same time, warrant a very good R. F..
Brand: ONAIR Model: 20011-78
1 5/8 Patch Panel 3 Ports 1 U-Link.Frequency Range: DC 860 MHzImpedance: 50 OhmReturn Loss: > 30 dB (<1.06)Insertion Loss: <0.05 dB482.6mm X 132.5mm X 100.4mm..
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