Brand new transmitter design, comes with industry leading improvements!

  • LCD Touchscreen Control
  • 4 Rack Unit size
  • Stainless steel very rugged case
  • Easy maintanence and service
  • Hot swappable current sharing powersupply units
  • Easy to change / clean air filter


With the improved touchscreen software, all information about transmitters running state can be seen in one screen. Configuration, and getting help is on the same screen.

RF part, DC part and RF Filter can be accessed by separated covers. This allows easy maintenance and service.

Hot swappable powersupply units are both making your transmitter run all the time and also simplifiying service processes. Even with two power supply units failed, remaining two powersupplies are enough for the transmitter to run full power.

Most of the transmitter failures are from cooling system failures, which is caused by dust. Dust damages fans and blocks air circulation, but not with the brand new design. Easy to remove air filter helps, changing or cleaning it in a few minutes, and all these processes are happening while the transmitter is running.

  • It is designed using very rugged LDMOS transistor. So, its efficiency is very high.
  • Max. Input power is 40W.
  • It has reflection, current and temperature protections.
  • Output power can be set to lower powers.
  • It has a room temperature and humidity sensor inside, so it automatically runs airconditioner according to transmitter room air condition.
  • It keeps event logs.
  • It has a remote control via ethernet or 3G/4G USB stick.
  • N+1 redundancy system is ready to use.


 Very Efficient LDMOS Amplifier

 Our amplifiers are  manufactured using high efficient LDMOS transistors.



 N+1 Redundancy system

 With the Built-in N+1 Redundancy system, you’ll be always on air.


Cloud ready

 Remote controlling is default on FA’s!

 FA series have built-in remote control system, which is also cloud ready.


Hot Swap PSU

High redundancy by swappable PSU

No more interruption due to power supplies. You can change powersupply even while broadcasting.

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