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IP Audio Lİnk

Brand: ONAIR Model: IPAT-22
IPAT-22 is an independent audio streamer&receiver. It has two separate audio inputs, 3.5 mm microphone input and 3.5 mm stereo audio inputs. The audio input/output supports up to 8 dBu (2Vrms).It can work with Shoutcast or Icecast compatible servers. IPAT is fully compatible with ONAIR IPAR..
Brand: ONAIR Model: IPAR-18
IPAR-18 is a standalone IP audio receiver. Exports audio directly to the IP address or audio from remote audio servers (Shoutcast, Icecast, etc.) from the 3.5mm stereo port.It comes with a built-in Icecast-compatible ausio server and it can resolve the audio sent from any Icecast-*compatible ..
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