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FM Monitoring Receiver

FM Monitoring Receiver
5 Days
FM Monitoring Receiver

Devotion is a professional device designed to test the quality of the broadcast from the transmitter in radio studios and to warn the staff in the studio if the broadcast quality is impaired or if the transmitter fails. 

L, R, L+R channels can be listened separately by plugging headphones from the speakers on the front panel or connecting the outputs on the back panel to the mixer. In this way, the quality of the stereo broadcast and the channels, or both of them is understood to be a problem. 

RDS information such as PSN,RT,Pty,AF,Pi,TA,TP,EON is displayed on the screen. 

Reception RF signal level(RSSI), signal-noise ratio(snr) and stereo mixing ratio are shown on the LCD monitor. When the RF signal level or signal noise ratio falls below a limit set by the user, the speakers will hear the alarm sound. At the same time, a pin is shorted on the output of the GPU. When Snr falls below a certain rate, a pin is shorted in the GPU. These pins can be used for lighting a lamp or other purposes. In the studios and in the monitoring rooms at the transmitter stations, it is ensured that the officials understand the loss of the transmitter power or the distortion of the transmitter with an audible/light alarm. Pins are shorted if the channel TA and TP are listening to the GPU. They can also be used to connect to a siren or lamp to see if that station is sending TA or TP. 

The 87.5-108mhz frequency band is completely digital software-defined radio. It can optionally be operated only at certain frequencies. 

The RS485 output on the back panel can be connected to floating text panels with LED and text messages are written to the RT section of RDS can be passed from the floating text panel. For this application, we have developed a device with a size of 60x90mm for outdoor applications and it is possible to see the messages sent to these devices from the studio.

The device also works by feeding with 12vdc.

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  • Stock: 5 Days
  • Model: DEVOTION
  • Weight: 4.50kg
  • Dimensions: 44.00mm x 385.00mm x 485.00mm