• AVR 30KVA - 140/380V - (Copper Winding)

Technical Features

Copper Winding Stage Three Phase Voltage Regulator

Voltage Range: 140 / 380V

In regulators, input voltage, output voltage and current draw display showing standard are available as.

The products are made of 100% Electrolytic copper.

Output Waveform: Sinusoidal

Operating Frequency: 50 Hz; _ / + 5%

Response Speed: 20 milliseconds

Correction Speed: 5000 Volts / second

Technology: SCR (Thyristor) Tap Changer-Zero Current Switching-Full Regulation at one cycle - double Conversion - 3 Phase Computer grade, dual-shielded, isolation transformer

Control: Multi-Microprocessor Control

Efficiency:> 97% (at nominal conditions, at full load)

Operating Temperature: -10 C to +50 C (special cooling unit)

Protections: Passive and electronic protection (overvoltage, under-voltage,

Overcurrent, peak, surge, right, and spike protection

Filter: Special filter system that filters electrical noises at the system entrance

and mains filters.

By Pass: Manual Bypass

Relative Humidity: 90% (Non-condensing)

Acoustic Noise: Less than 50 dB (A)

Protection Class: Ip 21

Working Time: Continuously

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AVR 30KVA - 140/380V - (Copper Winding)

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