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FM Receiver

Brand: ONAIR Model: DEVOTION - FM Monitoring Receiver
- DEVOTION - FM Monitoring Receiver - Devotion is a professional device designed to test the quality of the broadcast from the transmitter in radio studios and to warn the staff in the studio if the broadcast quality is impaired or if the transmitter fails. L, R, L+R channels can be listened separately by plugging headphones from t..
Brand: AUDEMAT Model: FM-MC4
- FM-MC4 - FM MONITOR is a powerful and professional solution for FM monitoring at the transmitter site or in the coverage area. The unit sequentially monitors a setlist of stations and continuously ensures that your FM network complies with both legislation and your expectations.The unit includes a complete s..
Brand: ONAIR Model: SD-12
- SD-12 - FM AUDIO AND DATA RECEIVER SD-12 is a wireless audio and data receiver running on the 76-108 MHz band. It receives the signals from FM transmitters and demodulates to get the audio and data. It is set to 7 different frequencies and this frequency selected by dip switches. It can be used as an audio..
Receivers - COMPANION-HT - COMPANION FM Warning Receiver is designed to reach everyone in the household, night and day. It is a perfect music listening system with a 20W speaker and AUX input. It displays also humidity, temperature, clock, and date. In case of a warning transmitted by the authorities, an alert signal is ..
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